I am excited to be running for reelection to the Washington State Senate so that we may continue our work together to move Washington forward.

From giving all loving couples the freedom to marry to ensuring undocumented children have the chance to go to college to increasing support for our 35,000 homeless children to protecting our Puget Sound and marine resources, we have accomplished some wonderful things during these past four years.

But our work is not done. The threats to equality, choice and the environment are deliberate and powerful, and the inability to fully fund education and other critical programs is unacceptable.  If reelected, I will continue to be a tireless advocate for our core values, while ensuring we pass a budget that fully funds education while providing support for other critical programs such as increased mental health services and helping make sure every Washingtonian has a safe and warm place to sleep.

We have the opportunity for a powerful Senate; one that is truly helping to lead the way on the policies that matter most to all of us. A Senate that builds opportunities and improves lives in every community and corner of this great state.

Your support now will help me build a reelection campaign that will allows us to continue to fight for a Washington that cares for all of its people and its environment, and turns its back on neither. A Washington that sincerely represents our core values.

It remains an incredible honor to serve in the Washington State Senate. Over the coming months, I look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts on how we may continue to champion the best of our great state.

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Kevin Ranker
State Senator
40th Legislative District

About Senator Kevin Ranker

Senator Kevin Ranker has established a name for himself as an outspoken and effective advocate for equality, education, the environment, civil rights and protecting and growing Washington jobs. Kevin is one of two budget leads for the Senate Democrats, and is a key negotiator responsible for reaching agreement on the state operating budget. Previously, he chaired the Energy and Environment Committee.

Kevin possesses two decades’ professional experience developing and advancing ocean and climate policy and conservation initiatives.

Recognized for his national leadership, in 2011, Kevin received a White House appointment to serve as an Advisor to President Obama’s National Ocean Council. In 2013, Kevin was elected to serve as President of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region, a partnership of ten U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories working together to improve the economy and the environment of the Pacific Northwest region.

Kevin lives on Orcas Island with his wife and daughter while his son proudly serves in the U.S. Army.

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With your support I can continue to be a tireless advocate for our values as well as an accessible and thoughtful Senator who listens and looks for solutions instead of political standoffs. This must begin now; this must begin with you.